Cloud solutions provider One Channel has launched MobiWork Mobile Workforce Solution (MWS), a complete smartphone and cloud-based mobile workforce management solution that is built for any business with employees in the field.
MobiWork is a complete MWS that deploys in minutes, empowers the workforce and dramatically improves productivity, information exchange and customer satisfaction. It is easy to use and provides unparalleled features and benefits for the entire organisation including customers and partners.
One Channel director Clive Kangisser says MobiWork MWS dramatically increases productivity, reduces costs, provides real-time information exchange and visibility into every aspect of one’s business. “MobiWork is a true Mobile Workforce App and integrates to one’s existing accounting, CRM or ERP solutions.
“This integration is critical at certain points such as synchronising customer, supplier and inventory lists, invoicing to accounts receivable, costs to general ledger and de-stocking of inventory control systems,” he explains.
MobiWork MWS is available as a generic platform or on a pre-configured basis for specific industries and use cases. It simplifies the day to day life of every single member of your organisation allowing them to perform at their best from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
Kangisser says MobiWork MWS Platform can be easily configured to fit your business, no matter how specific your requirements and industry. “The benefits of deploying a good mobile workforce application include increased productivity, real-time data updates, productivity and location tracking as well as the elimination of cumbersome paper-based systems.”
“This translates into immediate revenue gains, cost savings and better decision making accompanied by improved customer service,” he concludes.