The Truecaller community has reported more than 800 000 spam calls in South Africa, with a total of 50 000 spam and unwanted calls detected every day across the country.
“Thousands of smartphone users are the victims of spammers in South Africa every day,” says Husain Misherghi, vice-president: growth and partnerships for Truecaller. “You can protect yourself with
Truecaller by reporting spam and unwanted numbers, and blocking them forever. That information is listed in our database and we report it to Truecaller’s community of users, providing a safe and secure communication experience for all South Africans with easy, hassle-free calls.”
More than 1,4-million South Africans use Truecaller from among the global Truecaller community of over 200-million. The app enables users to block unwanted and spam calls they have reported to Truecaller, or receive assistance from the app’s database where spam numbers are listed and marked in red.
To further protect smartphone users from spam, Truecaller has added Truemessenger, an SMS replacement app that tells users who sent an SMS even if they are not in your contacts.