The new low-cost AG50 Wireless Home Alert System is now available for ordinary lower income households and communities across South Africa.
Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices, comments: “This new game changing wireless security product will bring peace of mind and help to safeguard loved ones, family members, household contents, personal valuables – and keep a watchful eye on community and neighbours while you celebrate the festive season in style.”
The low-cost system was launched at the end of November at Maponya Mall, Soweto. “We are expecting a robust sales cycle over the next 12 months, and believe this product solution will definitely add to the company’s bottom-line,” says Roberts.
“The solution will provide home and business owners with an affordable security solution that offers self-monitoring of up to eight people that get notified of panics or intrusion via three SMS’s and five missed calls from the device.”
Roberts says the solution also offers a “distribution opportunity” for companies and individuals who are interested in becoming sales agents. This will lead to the creation of job opportunities and uplifting infrastructure “along the way – ultimately driving crime out and securing families and assets”.