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Visual and functional upgrade for Cartrack mobile app


Cartrack has released an update of its fleet app. The latest version of the app is available for download from your app store and is available for Android, Windows and Blackberry 10 devices. Cartrack’s fleet management app provides Cartrack’s existing fleet customers with the means to monitor vehicles from any location, at any time.

The app uses an enhanced interface which makes it easier for the user to navigate and provides an improved overall experience.

Reports include:

Alert report – if selected, this report will show all vehicles listed with registrations and noting the latest alerts at the top of the list. Alert reports will display speed violations, licence disk renewals or entry into pre-determined no-go zones.

Last position report – displays a list of all the groups and its respective vehicles. The user is able to select the registration of the vehicle that they want to run a report on and the last location of the vehicle will be displayed. Information such as the speed, location, odometer reading of the vehicle, time and RPM – will be supplied.

Risk report –provides users with the option to select a date range for the current day or week.  Risks include corner breaking, corner acceleration, excessive idling and speeding.  A report on violations on any of these risks will be accessible to the user.

Speeding report – allows the user to select a group of vehicles, all the vehicles in the fleet or a particular registration plate and provide information regarding driver behaviour regarding speeding. Violations will be displayed in incremental order with the highest speeding violation at the top of the list.

Usage report – displays a list of the groups of vehicles as well as all vehicles. The user can select the registration plate of the vehicle that they want to run the report on which will display the kilometres travelled, the start and end odometer reading and the last location of the selected vehicle/s.  As an option – the user can view the last trip as well as the speed and RPM of the vehicle/s at any point of the trip.

The app forms part of Cartrack’s comprehensive fleet offering which uses locally developed best of breed GPS and GSM technology. The app makes informed decision making and planning a reality with access to real time data regarding driver location, vehicle speed and trip reports. This allows the user to view their fleet data while on the move, allowing for increased productivity for business owners.

Current users of the app will be prompted to run the update for the latest version.