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Fossil expands, will launch 100 wearables


Fossil Group will launch more than 100 connected devices in 2016, the company announced at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
“We successfully launched wearables with one brand and 10 styles in 2015 and quickly ramped up to launch wearables for several brands in more than 100 styles in 2016,” says Greg McKelvey, chief strategy and digital officer at the Fossil Group. “Bringing Fossil Q to market helped us identify additional opportunity, and based on the positive consumer response, we are going big this year. Our retail partners will see the power of Fossil Group’s scale and consumers will see the variety of functionality, style, colours and brands they desire.”
The new products will include activity trackers and smart watches for many brands. Misfit, the wearable technology brand Fossil Group acquired in November 2015, will also launch new, innovative types of connected devices. The Misfit and Fossil brands will feature new wearables throughout the year.  Fossil Group will launch new products throughout 2016, and all 100 styles will be available by Holiday 2016.
Operating in both the fashion and technology industries, Fossil Group is well positioned to produce a broad variety of connected products that appeal to both fashion and consumer electronics channels. The positive impact of the expanded product offerings enables Fossil Group to add 20 000 distribution points, nearly doubling points of sale in early 2016. The company and its brands will now have more than 50 000 total points of sale, ranging from department stores to jewellery stores to big box consumer electronics retailers and more.
The company’s Fossil and Misfit brands also announced app upgrades, activity trackers, a smart watch and other new wearable devices at CES.