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UJ academics improve learning outcomes

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An innovative technology teaching method, designed and developed by two University of Johannesburg (UJ) academics, has allowed educators to meaningfully integrate technology into the teaching and learning processes of resource constrained environments.
According to UJ’s Zafeer Nagdee and Husain Coovadia, the Enabling New Age Classroom Technology (e-NACT) solution contributes to an improved average pass rate of 7,5% and an improved distinction rate by 13% – which translate into meaningful volumes with class sizes of close to 1 000 students.
The research around e-NACT continues to evolve within the context of the team’s vision to make premium education accessible to all those who are eager to learn.
The two academics recently presented their research on integrating teaching and learning with technology solutions at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, US. The Ivy League Institution is home to the Wharton Business School.

  • Twakkies du Toit

    Poor reporting. Many lecturers and teachers already integrate technology with their teaching. What is innovative about e-NACT? In fact, what is e-Nact? Journalism 101: before you start writing, ask yourself who, why, what, when, how.