Fujitsu has announced the addition of two products to its Fujitsu Logistics Solution Logifit series, which assist in logistics operations: Logifit TM-Core, a mission-critical tasks solution, and Logifit TM-Dispatch, a dispatch-support solution.
Logifit TM-Core, provided for transportation and delivery companies, is a mission-critical task solution that can batch together tasks in transportation and delivery, such as taking orders, dispatch control, sales, billing and payments management, and management income and expenditures. In addition to supporting a variety of sales methods depending on the type of delivery, such as route deliveries, multiple loading and unloading deliveries, or medium-to-long distance shipping, it also connects with Fujitsu’s other systems, such as warehouse and operations management. This enables integrated transportation-related income and expenses management to make it possible to easily analyze management income and expenses based on the actual performance of day-to-day tasks.
Logifit TM-Dispatch, provided for both transportation and delivery companies and companies that perform tasks including deliveries, is a dispatch-support solution that can plan optimal delivery routes and loading, or the use of a consignment delivery service. It can automatically create delivery plans for medium- to long-distance delivery tasks and loading and unloading during deliveries, as well as calculate the corresponding expenses for each delivery vehicle route for different delivery companies from each area’s fare table, and then select the appropriate consignment delivery service and route. These enable efficiencies and cost reductions in delivery tasks.
In recent years, as the demand for improved transportation and delivery quality has been growing, there has been an increasing need for the deployment of systems to reduce burden and increase efficiency, due to worsening shortages of drivers and operations managers.
Fujitsu is now strengthening logistics management as a whole by adding these two products, Logifit TM-Core and Logifit TM-Dispatch, to its Logifit series of logistics solutions.
Features of Logifit TM-Dispatch include:
* Improved efficiency in dispatch tasks through a variety of automatic dispatch functions – Fujitsu has improved this function’s ability to automatically plan the optimal delivery routes and load amounts, with respect to the daily changes in vehicles and packages, with support for medium- to long-distance transport as well as loading and unloading during deliveries. Furthermore, it lets users create faster and more flexible dispatch plans with the ability, when reviewing the automatically calculated dispatch plan, to manually modify items like trucks and departure times with mouse-based drag and drop, with the resulting changes in areas such as load percentage and predicted arrival times reflected immediately. In addition, because multiple dispatchers can share their dispatch status, trucks in areas with a little extra room can be efficiently used, offering improvements in loading efficiency.
* Addresses unprofitable routes and offers selection of consigned delivery companies – This product calculates the approximate income and expenditure per vehicle from each delivery company’s various rate tables in each delivery area, enabling users to plan profit-conscious routes and select consignment delivery companies. This makes it possible for users to grasp the profitability per vehicle, and connect it with visualizations of unprofitable routes and review consignment delivery companies.
* Enables budget control through links with operations management systems – This product features a standard interface with the Logifit TM-NexTR operations management system, through which, by comparing dispatch plan data with the actual state of operational progress, users can immediately respond to customer inquiries and schedule changes, and review future planning improvements.