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CloudSmiths creates Salesforce CRM powerhouse


CloudSmiths, a South African SalesForce specialist and part of the DVT Group, is merging with one of South Africa’s leading Gold Salesforce Consulting Partners, Ideas Inc.
The deal makes CloudSmiths the largest SalesForce specialist in South Africa. Derek Hughes, founder, business leader and The Driving Force of CloudSmiths, says that the deal has created a SalesForce business to rival any in Africa.
“Our exclusive focus on SalesForce makes CloudSmiths unique in South Africa,” says Hughes. “We’re a SalesForce company from top to bottom, and together with DVT are continually active at the forefront of the local software and services industry.”
The merger of Ideas Inc with CloudSmiths is in line with DVT’s dual objectives of high organic growth and investment into high-growth, high-return software businesses.
Chris Wilkins, chairman of the DVT Group of companies, and Founder of DVT, says that CloudSmiths has everything it takes to become the largest and most successful SalesForce business in Africa.
“CloudSmiths already has pan-African clients, and a large South African client list,” says Wilkins. “With (former Software Futures CEO) Derek Hughes at the helm, the company has everything in place to become the premier SalesForce partner on the continent.”
Wilkins says that the merger has accelerated CloudSmiths’ growth, and added more than 20 skilled and experienced SalesForce specialists to its growing team.
“The entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit of CloudSmiths, combined with the financial backing of DVT, has created a platform for fast but sustainable growth, and provides an ideal home for any ambitious SalesForce professional in the country,” he says.
“We’re more than just partners, we’re a CloudSmiths customer and Salesforce user so we understand the benefits and synergies of the Ideas Inc merger and are completely invested in the success of the new entity,” concludes Wilkins.