ttrumpet – one of the most advanced white label over-the-top (OTT) service provider – now brings ‘Community Channels’ – a new dimension to the platform by using mobility and OTT to make communities and business owners feel safer.
“ttrumpet Community Channels is part two of our security eco-system where tailored features are aimed at making citizens feel safer with the additional capabilities of measuring impact of crime to keep South Africa safer through technology,” says Grant Theis, co-founder of ttrumpet.
Following on from the Tag Me feature – to allow family and friends to follow each other’s journey remotely (in real-time) and raise the alarm if they go off-route or don’t reach their destination when expected, ttrumpet has incorporated a new safety feature into the mix. “Now, with the infrastructure, users will also be able to report suspicious activity in their area, post a picture, and give exact location of the incidents from their mobile devices. This in turn can automatically notify the respective authorities accordingly – should they link their ttrumpet chat platform with their security provider – creating a broader eco-system for security awareness,” says Theis.
“This however, should not to be mistaken for a security app, it’s a platform connecting individuals in real-time with their communities, providing information that will enable them to better read different situations, which will impact how they act and react as responsible citizens and, ultimately keep communities safer,” he adds.
The newly launched feature consists of 30 suburbs in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg – with the aim to add 5 000 suburbs within the next 12 months.
“We are aiming to provide communities with a platform customised to their needs – currently neighborhood watch and security groups use a combination of Whatsapp Groups and Facebook sites to communicate incidents and happenings in their community.
“In most instances, these group posts result in constant alerts and haphazard reporting. The ttrumpet channels offer a single interface that deals with unlimited users or members. Users have the ability to filter their notifications and send messages in an intuitive and structured manner. Incidents can be viewed on a map view which bring great statistical benefits. This was not possible before and now communities can view the trends of various incident types over time, allowing them to highlight various areas that need attention,” THh says.
“ttrumpet also enables community businesses and neighbourhood associations to customise their channels for its members – what better way to send for help, notifications or alert via a mobile device as many keep their devices in close proximity at all times.”
Technology is constantly evolving, transforming mobile devices into smart connected devices creating an augmented reality. “And now through the updated features and alerts we have a concrete selection of enriched features all on one platform designed specifically to help communities,” says Theis.