RocketNet, the consumer-focused fibre Internet brand of directel, has launched in South Africa.
The brand is due to be one of the first ISPs in South Africa to include IT support within their product offering, which will include installing and analyzing the solution, and even advising consumers on how to get better signal strength and use their WiFi networks optimally.
“directel currently procures most of its upstream traffic from Workonline Communications, allowing us to provide a reliable high quality service with good redundancy to all of our clients,” explains Simon Swanepoel, commander at RocketNet.
Edward Lawrence, director of business development at Workonline Communications, confirms this. “As more companies invest in laying fibre infrastructure, the quality of the internet in South Africa will increase. This will have a positive impact on the economy as a whole. We therefore support directel and RocketNet, and wish them the best in their exciting new endeavour.”
In terms of the local fibre market, Swanepoel comments: “ISPs that offer low caps on their fibre optic Internet packages are shortsighted. When consumers are exposed to the speeds at which fibre runs, they inevitably burn through their caps very quickly. That is why RocketNet has developed a range of fully uncapped offerings to meet consumer needs at every level.
“As more people start to fully realise and understand how fibre works, and how quickly and efficiently data can be backed up and streamed, it is going to become a must-have rather than a luxury,” he adds.
The service will be launching initially in Kyalami Estates, Sunninghill, and Barbeque Downs.