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Tintri targets cloud service providers


Tintri, a producer of VM-aware storage (VAS) for virtualisation and cloud environments, has set its sights on the cloud service provider market with the roll out of its VM-aware storage (VAS) portfolio.
With research showing that the top three storage challenges facing CSPs are performance, reliability and cost, Tintri has now made it even easier for cloud service providers (CSPs) to purchase and grow their storage, while offering their customers guaranteed high performance, transparent VM-level analytics and differentiated services.
The research “State of the Storage for Cloud Service Providers 2016” was conducted in December 2015. It showed that 86% of CSPS cited performance, 69% reliability and 58% cost as the three top challenges they need to overcome when buying storage. This shows that CSPs need reliable, scalable and high-performance storage to power their cloud infrastructures. They must offer differentiated services to stand out in a competitive marketplace. And they have to acquire the right solutions with flexible terms that allow them to grow at their own pace. Tintri addresses all of these needs.
By leveraging Tintri’s portfolio of VAS solutions and value-added software, Tintri allows CSPs to deliver differentiated services such as:
* Multiple tiers of storage performance on the same array defined by VM-level quality of service (QoS) policies;
* End-to-end infrastructure visibility at the VM level to allow granular chargeback for storage resources and actionable troubleshooting capabilities; and
* Realtime and predictive analytics for capacity planning and upsell opportunities.
Tintri VMstore storage also provides exceptional efficiency for cloud storage:
* The lowest cost per VM in the industry, through high VM density with high capacity utilisation, industry-leading operational efficiencies and zero over-provisioning – with no storage PhD required to maintain storage performance;
* The best storage for multi-tenant virtualised environments, including increased margins, low TCO and per-VM isolation to eliminate noisy neighbours;
* Storage that scales with simple and powerful automation for every storage operation and every storage metric to power explosive business growth; and
* VMstore storage integrates with multiple concurrent hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and OpenStack.
Cloud Service Provider will now have full access to Tintri’s entire portfolio of storage systems and software, including:
* Tintri VMstore flash storage systems, including the VMstore T5000 All-Flash series for high-performance workloads and the VMstore T800 Hybrid-Flash series for higher capacity requirements, powered by the Tintri VM-aware storage filesystem; and
* Tintri Global Center, which manages and provides actionable real time VM-level analytics for more than 100,000 virtual machines across all supported hypervisors. It is capable of not only dynamically assigning service group policies for data protection and quality of service (QoS) but also seamlessly transferring and retaining the same service group settings when a VM is moved between VMstores.
“For cloud service providers, storage is a critical component of cloud infrastructure, but one that has not seen the same level of automation and agility as virtualisation and network,” says Ken Klein, CEO and chairman at Tintri. “Every CSP is looking for an edge with customers and competitors, Tintri’s storage solutions can provide it Because of the huge benefits, CSPs are becoming one of Tintri’s fastest growing markets.
“By targeting this market, CSPs can use Tintri to guarantee predictable high performance to their customers and to create tiers of storage by policy instead of using different storage platforms. Plus, they can identify upsell opportunities and address chargeback with per-VM real-time analytics. Tintri VM-aware storage was designed to provide more storage value for virtualised environments, and cloud is a highly virtualised use case. It’s a perfect fit.”