With the ambition of creating one-of-a-kind devices, HTC lifted the lid on its latest smartphones. Inspired by urban street wear, the design of the three newest editions to the Desire range – the HTC DesireT 530, 630 and 825 – bridge the gap between fashion and consumer electronics. Using a specially created micro splash effect on the polycarbonate shell, every single phone is personal.
Playing to people’s personal tastes, their desire to be different and the fact that smartphones are now as much of a fashion accessory as they are a personal hub, HTC’s design team employed a paint process that treats each phone as a canvas. Utilizing specially designed spray nozzles and different settings of pressure and paint viscosity, they were able create an object that looks completely different.
Coming in a choice of colours – Stratus White Remix with duo color micro splash and Graphite Gray Remix with gold micro splash for the Desire 630 and 825, and Graphite Grey and Solid Stratus White block colors for the Desire 530 – these phones deliver something personal for everyone.
Knowing that people like to customize their style and stay ahead of the trends, our design experts also created two-tone snap on cases that split into parts, a lanyard inspired by hand straps on bags and over 25,000 themes that enable you to change your device’s color scheme and background based on your favourite photos.
“HTC has built its reputation on pairing industry-leading design with smart features,” says Chialin Chang, president of sales at HTC. “But with customers also seeking personalization, and individuality in addition to treating their phones as fashion accessories, we have needed to create something different. So today we’re launching the most unique Desire devices yet.”
Both the Desire 630 and 825 are Hi-Res Audio certified and feature HTC’s BoomSound with Dolby Audio technology. Combined with audio playback, that is four times more detailed than CD quality, you are guaranteed a richer and more dynamic music experience. In select regions, the Desire 630 and Desire 825 will also come bundled with a Hi-Res headset that delivers higher fidelity music straight out of the box.
They also include a 5MP front facing camera and Auto Selfie and Voice Selfie Modes, that allow you to snap away without pressing a button. Live Make-Up is integrated on the Desire 630 and 825.
There is an 8MP rear camera on the HTC Desire 530, a 13MP on the Desire 630 and Desire 825 and built-in BSI sensors that increase the amount of light captured, giving you great images whatever time of day. Additional features like burst shot and sweep panorama allow you to freeze movement and create professional looking landscape photos, with Google Photos providing an ideal storage facility for your pictures and videos.
Integrated into the Desire 825, is HTC Sensor Hub – a feature that lets you keep tabs on the user’s wellbeing. Always on, HTC Sensor Hub records activity, gestures and dynamic movement, providing realtime stats that can be automatically linked to some of the most popular fitness tracking applications, including Runtastic Running & Fitness, Runkeeper, Endomondo Running and Walking, and Google Fit.