TFG, one of South Africa’s leading fashion lifestyle retail groups, has completed the first phase of the implementation of CA Technologies Identity Manager and Identity Governance solutions to address information security and compliance demands.
This phase involved the implementation of the solution to manage the access of approximately half of TFG’s Head Office workforce. Growing digitisation of the retail value chain drove TFG’s decision to radically upgrade its data security and governance environment. The move will see TFG achieving improved security, regulatory compliance and enhanced operational efficiencies with resulting cost benefits for the business.
Kevin Day, TFG’s head of information security and IT governance, says the business objectives driving this move included the need to: assist in achieving compliance with all relevant regulations; improve operational efficiencies while reducing costs for user access management and manage the group’s data risk.  “The CA solution met all of our strategic criteria.  CA’s technology and information security experience was instrumental in our decision to partner with them.
“Also the presence of local expertise was an important factor in our choice. We required the right skills to be available locally to provide on- site assistance with the deployment of the solution as well as post implementation support. All of which CA Southern Africa can provide us with,” says Day.
Craig De Lucchi, account  manager at CA Southern Africa, says: “TFG has embarked on the process of implementing a cohesive identity and governance management environment across their organisation. The solution is built on CA Identity Manager, CA Identity Governance and CA Shared Account Manager. The role-based access provided by the CA solution is a critical foundation for digital access governance. It helps businesses to respond dynamically to changes in user roles and responsibilities.”
Day says the CA solution will ensure that all users of TFG’s systems only have access to the data resources they need to perform their jobs. “The Identity and Access Management solution provided by the CA is critical for information security to respond dynamically to changes in the business, and is instrumental in achieving compliance with the relevant legislation and standards.”
He adds that by automating the management of the roles and their access privileges plus maintaining a central user database, the CA solution will reduce the time taken by the current manual process while greatly enhancing accuracy.
“Information security is an ongoing journey and another compelling aspect of the CA solution is that it contains elements like multi-factor authentication that align with our current initiatives. This improves access governance and will lead to greater control plus enhanced information security for TFG,” concludes Day.