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Jasco launches Smart Digital Enterprise solutions


Jasco has launched Its Smart Digital Enterprise, a combination of technologies that is challenging the status quo and enabling companies to disrupt their business.
Jasco Smart Digital Enterprise comprises converged communications, IT infrastructure and security solutions designed to help customers realise the benefits of digitisation and assist them on their transformation journey in order to heighten competitiveness.
The offering is aligned with Jasco Enterprise’s business model of using technology to bolster a company’s competitive advantage and drive business growth through optimised business processes. Jasco’s role is to deliver the transformation platforms, allowing companies to leverage the benefits of the digitisation of customer and consumer behaviour.
Says Andre Deetlefs, executive: lines of business at Jasco Enterprise: “We are entering the fourth industrial revolution and business is changing rapidly due to technology.  We are seeing the emergence of disruptive technology that introduces new, innovative ways of doing business.  In order to keep abreast of this shift, companies need to engage with partners that understand ‘moon shot’ thinking where the goal is to aim for a tenfold improvement of what currently exists.  This requires a new mind set in order for business to survive and thrive.”
“Our unique approach to customer engagement through smart technologies allow our customers’ to optimise and evolve their approach to bottom line growth, affording enhanced services through agile and resilient solutions.”

The net benefits
A collaborative and cross-channel engagement in enterprise applications and solutions lead the way for customers to reap the benefits. Jasco strives to deliver extensive solutions with a key focus on moving from the complexity of the old, to the simplicity of a newly unified virtual realm.  A good example of this approach is a single, flexible network, providing the foundation for simplified deployment of smart digital services.
Deetlefs explains: “Once this is in place, it is easy to roll out services – from enterprise applications to CCTV, contact centres and converged communications solutions. It is also far more simple to add features and functions on top of those services and solutions within the network, leveraging the benefits of digital to deliver the ‘smart’ in a Smart Digital Enterprise.”
Security video surveillance and video analytics layered on top of security systems add immense functionality and mitigates risk. Adding voice analytics to the contact centre solution supports the drive in sales whilst assisting in the elimination of fraudulent transactions and enhancing compliance.  Furthermore, the network is now able to link building management systems to access control and the lighting systems which improves control, tightening security and driving down costs.
With a flexible policy-driven network in place, a smart digital plug-and-play network becomes a reality. Auto provisioning for new equipment connected to the network means simplified ease of deployment, faster rollout of services and a reduced requirement for specialised staff and niche skills. Instead of months of planning, and implementation, the network is deployed within a few hours, creating a seamless digital enterprise characterised by ease of integration and connectivity.  Transformation is simplified.
For example, using leading networking solutions, Jasco can implement a single self-learning policy for network components, automating optimised responses and self-provisioning for prioritised applications. Jasco Smart Digital Enterprise can help businesses identify and implement these wins.
Notes Deetlefs: “Businesses are re-visiting their strategies, and infrastructure and services are key areas where advances in technology and approaches can add efficiencies, take out cost and facilitate the development of new business models. We are not advocating rip and replace strategies, we are saying ‘take your business into the future’ by leveraging new approaches.”
The Virtual Contact Centre is one of the solutions within Jasco’s Smart Digital Enterprise offering, providing a 40 to 160 seat contact centre operation. Adds Deetlefs, “This offering epitomises the type of solutions we create. Jasco defies gravity with a virtual, low-cost, feature-rich, scalable solution that removes a major barrier to entry for companies who want to leverage contact centre solutions or manage their peaks and troughs without infrastructure associated costs.
“We have similar capabilities on all fronts. For example, we can create a single secure layer around the entire business encompassing everything from perimeter security to access control and building management systems. This not only bolsters security but also assists organisations to smarten up their business networks to improve performance and productivity.”
Jasco’s Smart Digital Enterprise will further leverage the capabilities of other Jasco businesses. “Jasco can, through its multiple businesses literally offer a basement to rooftop solution for businesses,” says Deetlefs. “Jasco Smart Digital Enterprise’s combination of IT infrastructure, security and converged communications will, however, lead the way.”
The company has set aggressive targets for growth in areas such as IP infrastructure and security. It will also focus on medium to large enterprises.
“We believe the demand in the market is growing for solution providers with the breadth of knowledge and service capacity that Jasco Smart Digital Enterprise can offer. We have, through our experience in the delivery of enterprise and national solutions, gained significant insight into the challenges and benefits that can be achieved through smart digitisation … and we have the capability to deliver.”