TFG (The Foschini Group) is enriching the world of online shopping with tech-savvy enhancements to their ever-growing online shopping mall, currently encompassing their @home, Duesouth, Duesouth Escapes, Totalsports, hi and Sportscene stores.
TFG aims to customise online shopping by creating a bespoke experience for individual shoppers, taking into account their unique preferences. The new features include the introduction of automated wish list messages, in-store stock level visibility for the customer and a special occasion reminder calendar, tailored to shopper behaviour and inputs.
The automated wish list messaging informs customers when items on their wish list have gone on sale or are low in stock, enabling them to make purchasing decisions based on their likes and also on changes in supply from the seller. Customers are also sent an email alert when previously out-of-stock items are available, so shoppers don’t have to be actively shopping to be part of the virtual shopping experience.
The simple act of ticking a little box after purchasing an item allows customers to set monthly and annual personalised notices related to the reason for their purchase. The result? Customers receive gentle reminders whenever an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion swings by. So no more forgetting those important celebrations.
Further steps taken to ensure a seamless shopping experience, include TFG implementing an integrated ecommerce stock tracker. Simply put, when shoppers discover a particular product is not available online, they are able to check stock levels at their nearest Bricks and Mortar store. A display then pops up providing the contact details of the nearest store, so the item they’ve been eyeing is but a quick phone call and a reservation away. This feature is new for online fashion and lifestyle shopping in South Africa.
Finally, TFG has focused on streamlining delivery communications post purchase. This makes it easy for shoppers to track their orders online; a quick glance at the enhanced visual display is all it takes to see where the parcel is on the delivery route.