IndigoCube has been named a preferred partner for Checkmarx in South Africa. Founded in 2006 and Checkmarx provides solutions aimed at ensuring that software is released free of technical and logical security vulnerabilities.
“A business and the applications it uses are increasingly indistinguishable: apps are thus drivers of competitive advantage and thus also a critical risk,” says Godfrey Kutumela, head of cybercrime and security at IndigoCube. “We have always believed that security must be built into the software development life cycle. Checkmarx’s abilty to allow developers to check uncompiled source code early in the process offers a decisive advantage in the drive to create secure applications.”
Kutumela explains that competitor products only allow compiled code to be analysed for security flaws at the build stage. Fixing security flaws at this late stage, he says, is expensive in both time and money, and can introduce unwanted complexity and inconsistencies into the code.
“Security should not be something that is added at the end of the process – to be effective and to avoid impacting the software’s performance (and thus the customer experience), security should be intrinsic to the way the software is built,” Kutumela says. “By helping developers identify security vulnerabilities in the source code, Checkmarx plays a vital role in helping create applications that perform as specified and are secure.”
Checkmarx’s Eli Manashe, regional sales manager for Africa, says that the company chose to partner with IndigoCube because it recognised a kindred spirit. “As a company that is focused on perfecting software development, IndigoCube really understands that application security means coding for security from the get-go. We believe this partnership is well positioned to help South African and African companies gain competitive advantage in today’s application economy.”