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Gabsten Technologies achieves Commvault accreditation

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Gabsten Technologies, a data management specialist and Commvault Partner, has achieved the Advanced level within the Commvault Authorized Support Program (CASP).
CASP has been designed for Commvault Partners to enhance their capability to provide technical support service for customers. There are four levels in the programme: Foundation, Core, Advanced, and Master.
artners selected to participate in the programme are empowered to deliver customer support based on industry-leading standards as established by Commvault themselves.
“Each partner has to complete a rigorous selection and certification progress that is aligned with the highest standards of customer support in order to offer end-user customers the best possible Commvault support experience,” says Iniel Dreyer, MD of Gabsten Technologies.
Founded in 2009, Gabsten Technologies is a Commvault services, training and support partner.  The company handles after sales support including implementation, training and maintenance for Commvault customers and resellers in South Africa.
“We have a close working relationship with Commvault. While we have been a CASP Partner since 2010, we now have formalised Commvault support accreditation and as such, can differentiate ourselves. We are one of a handful of global partners to be awarded this level of accreditation, and the first in South Africa..”
Says Robert Brower, vice-president: worldwide customer support and training at Commvault: “Gabsten Technologies is a key Commvault Support Partner and highly valued in our global network. The company is completely aligned with Commvault’s vision of delivering the best possible customer experience, making our relationship vital.  Gabsten has our full value and support in order to deliver exceptional customer service.”
Dreyer notes: “The requirements for the accreditation process are complex and rigorous.  Furthermore, we are audited every quarter to continue to meet the necessary criteria on an ongoing basis.
“For consideration as a CASP Partner, we needed to comply with specific performance and audit requirements associated with the capability to deliver quality end-user support.  We also needed to prove our capacity to deliver that level of support and to this end, exceeded the program requirements for certified engineers. The customer service audit requires achieving 85% or higher for factors like Time to Respond, Time to Close calls and customer satisfaction.”
Being a CASP means that Gabsten has proven differentiation of capability and credibility. “We are also able to better help our customers because we have access to partner-exclusive resources for training, technical services and sales, as well as access to internal Commvault tools, ensuring that our staff are always up-to-date with best practices in the industry,” Dreyer concludes.

  • Dave Parmenter

    I have worked with the Gabsten team since their inception in 2009 – they have always been, and will continue to be, the standout CommVault support and services partner in Africa, never mind South Africa. This official recognition is nothing new but merely a reminder that they are “worth their weight in gold” when it comes to the CommVault brand!! Good stuff guys, it is great to know that DDP Consulting’s CommVault customers can sleep easy!!