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Australian stands up as Bitcoin inventor


An Australian entrepreneur has identified himself as the creator of Bitcoin.
Craig Wright told BBC News that he is Satashi Nakamoto, the inventor of the digital cash system.
However, while Wright has satisfied some on the Bitcoin community about his identity, others remain unconvinced.
According to BBC News, Wright digitally signed messages using cryptographic keys created during the early days of Bitcoin’s development. The keys are inextricably linked to blocks of bitcoins known to have been created or “mined” by Satoshi Nakamoto.
“These are the blocks used to send 10 bitcoins to Hal Finney in January [2009] as the first bitcoin transaction,” Wright said during his demonstration to BBC News.
Gavin Andresen, chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation, has verified Wright’s claim: “I believe Craig Steven Wright is the person who invented Bitcoin,” he wrote on his blog.
Jon Matonis, one of the founding directors of the Bitcoin Foundation, is also satisfied that Wright is the inventor of the virtual currency.