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Vox Telecom simplifies SME telephony


Vox Telecom has launched a bundled PBX and uncapped voice offering that gives small and medium businesses a cost-effective and flexible telephony solution to meet their needs.
As part of the bundle, Vox Telecom is offering new customers the use of the PBX for free for the first six months, subject to signing a 24-month contract. Existing Voice customers migrating to an Uncapped Voice solution are easily able to add on a PBX solution, also on a 24-month contract, at a 20% discount.
Says Natalie van der Merwe, senior product manager: telephony at Vox Telecom: “SMEs looking for a PBX service provider should be taking into account levels of support, business models available, and whether the service provider offers them the flexibility to choose the right technology to suit their business.”
Customers can also choose from onsite and hosted PBX solutions, depending on their user requirements. The Grandstream PBX is ideal for up to 15 users, Verto for up to 30 users, and the Far South PBX for up to 60 users.
The Grandstream PBX, from one of the world’s leading PBX manufacturers, is an open-licensed system that offers enterprise-grade voice and mobility features to SMEs at a fraction of the cost.
Far South is a locally developed IP PBX, built on open standards, to help businesses break away from the high prices associated with traditional, proprietary PBX systems, and can be deployed in any small office/home office, SME or enterprise environment.
Smaller businesses looking to take advantage of improvement in broadband connectivity, as well as free themselves from technology costs or the hassles of having to maintain their PBX system have the option of using a hosted PBX solution from Verto instead.
With the bundled uncapped voice, businesses are able to make unlimited calls to local and national fixed line, mobile, and select international destinations, giving them control over their telephony costs. “This changes the way in which SMEs consume and budget for fixed-line telephony,” adds van der Merwe.
New customers will be required to port to Vox Telecom, and thereby retain their existing fixed line number(s). Porting can take between two and four weeks, depending on the incumbent provider.
The solution is fully-managed, with Vox Telecom using its extensive countrywide reach to ensure that trained and certified engineers are on hand to implement and maintain the system.
“This new bundle forms part of our ongoing efforts to simplify the technology decisions that our customers need to make, as well as provide them with a single point of accountability for all their communications needs.”