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New brand identity for Pinnacle


Distributor Pinnacle has unveiled a new brand identity, encompassing a new logo, a focused brand purpose, and a new visual language that aims to position Pinnacle as the ICT distributor of choice.
“ICT distribution is a fast paced, ever evolving industry with new players constantly entering the market both locally and internationally,” says Pinnacle MD Tim Humphreys-Davies.
He adds that brand and reputation play in a key role in differentiating oneself in this market and that the rebranding exercise was an essential step in the company’s evolution.
“People are consuming information at a rapid rate and it has become imperative for a brand to be able to stand out from the crowd and deliver information in the same manner that media is consumed today.”
Pinnacle enlisted the services of independent design and communication consultancy, Switch, to develop the company’s new logo, visual language and brand identity.
Switch Cape Town MD Simon Arenhold says that the strongest brands have a single-minded purpose that begins at the core of the business – its employees – and moves into the hearts and minds of the consumer.
“We developed a brand purpose that tapped into what we already recognised in Pinnacle,” says Arenhold. “The new brand purpose is incredibly powerful, providing a guiding light for everything that Pinnacle does, both internally and externally.”
Humphreys-Davies is confident that Pinnacle’s new logo and visual language will reflect the company’s purpose and become synonymous with “delivering the exceptional”.
“As a company built on the foundation of entrepreneurial spirit ‘delivering the exceptional’ spans across everything we do,” he says. “It means delivering exceptional service, exceptional products, exceptional knowledge, exceptional technology, exceptional experiences, exceptional commitment and, exceptional teamwork. We are a driven organisation and when drive meets expertise, exceptional things happen.”