Most enterprise decision-makers see digital transformation as a critical imperative, yet few have reached full production and roll out. Those same decision makers feel they have to make significant inroads with digital transformation in the next 12 months before they begin to suffer financially or from competitive threats.
That’s why Progress has announced its strategic vision and Progress DigitalFactory solutions, to enable enterprises to harness the full potential of digital business.
“When we set forth on our own digital transformation journey, we identified four fundamentals for success – optimise customer engagement, collaborate with partners, unburden IT and simplify operations,” says Phil Pead, CEO of Progress. “Our vision and DigitalFactory solutions are a direct result of living these tenets each day.
“We know technology is not the entire answer. Rather, it’s part of a larger perspective that includes a shift in thinking and stronger levels of collaboration between the CIO and CMO. Progress has the experience, capabilities and technology to partner with our community of digital decision makers to ensure we’re arming them with the right tools to put them on the path they need to succeed.”
Progress DigitalFactory is a new cloud-based platform that provides a holistic, extensible solution for businesses to create omni-channel digital experiences. DigitalFactory solutions enable collaboration, flexibility and ease for IT, marketers, developers and business users looking to implement digital transformation within their organisations.
It provides ease-of-use like no other because DigitalFactory solutions empower users that need to manage digital assets or define the customer journey to manage their workflow, instead of having to solely rely on others to initiate changes.
The new announcement highlights the three core solutions which will be released in the coming months, with additional solutions planned for 2017.
* DigitalFactory for Sites– Large globally dispersed organizations are faced with a number of web-related challenges: difficulty managing a large number of properties and assets, inability to share content consistently across web and mobile and dependencies on local resources and budgets. There are also a plethora of governance and regulatory requirements to navigate.
* DigitalFactory for Engagement– Multi-national organizations large and small are struggling with omni-channel development. Application backlogs stymie transformation efforts. New customer channels and personalized experiences are a struggle to deliver because incorporating existing systems and the data needed to create those experiences is difficult, at best. Further, there continues to be a debate over who owns digital transformation–is it the CIO, the CMO or is it a collaborative effort? According to our research, 72% of survey respondents feel IT is more likely to be the final decision maker/budget holder for digital initiatives; and 78% say better alignment of IT and marketing is needed to deliver on digital transformation efforts.
* DigitalFactory for Mobile– While a seamless omni-channel customer experience is the end-goal, for many, mobility continues to be a prime growth driver. For those choosing a mobile-first approach, DigitalFactory for Mobile solution enables fast, tailored mobile experiences for any device and data source. Taking advantage of the full lifecycle approach to mobile app development, developers can create apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices, on a single platform without downloads, installs or configurations. DigitalFactory for Mobile solution is the quintessential one-stop shop for cloud-based mobile development needs. And, when an organization is ready to integrate mobile into the omni-channel experience, expansion into DigitalFactory for Engagement solution is quick and easy, with no complicated migrations involved.
“Transforming into a digital business doesn’t happen overnight. Many of the tools and technologies within the current Progress portfolio aid customers in not only addressing today’s business challenges, but are foundational for enabling the digital goals of tomorrow,” says Pead. “With Progress DigitalFactory solutions and the full range of Progress products and services, we’re delivering new levels of ease-of-use and cross-team collaboration that customers can use to drive immediate success.”