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Staff laid off at Sahara Computers

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Reports have emerged that Sahara Computers has retrenched 40 workers.
The company, owned by the Gupta family, is said to have retrenched the workers yesterday as a result of a failed bid to resolve an ongoing battle with South Africa’s major banks.
Sahara is one of the Gupta-owned companies that has had its bank accounts closed.
The banks made the unusual move of closing the accounts following a series of controversial reports about the Gupta family and allegations of state capture. However, the ANC ruling party this week closed a probe into state capture reports when only one person submitted a written complaint.
The 40 retrenched workers constitute about 20% of Sahara’s workforce of about 200 people.

  • CharlieTango

    That’s a new ploy by the Gupta’s – retrench workers and blame it on the banks. Talk about absolving yourself from your commitments (to pay salaries).