Just about everything in the world has changed due to the rise of digital – the payments industry has been no exception. In November 2015, McKinsey and Company correctly predicted that nonbank digital entrants will transform the customer experience, reshaping the payments and broader financial-services landscape.
Customer experience is really just an evolution of expectation. Access to smartphones equals access to new, sophisticated payment apps and methods. Yet, where tech has created convenience for consumers, independent retailers only see chaos. The increase in payment methods has all but left the retailer bewildered and hamstrung, unable to cope without added cost. Simply put: it is even harder to do business.
If the first rule of digital is solution, then what will fix the problem? Consolidation. An integrated solution to make payments easy.
“Internationally and locally, FinTech companies are disrupting the large traditional financial organisations. The opening of a previously protected market is allowing companies such as ourselves to solve real-life problems affecting independent retailers. Any time major changes occur in an industry, it creates an opportunity for innovative, flexible and agile companies. We are very enthusiastic about further establishing our position within the market,” says Paul Kent, MD at Sureswipe.
The acquisition of Concorde Solutions, an integrated payments solution business, is an integral step towards completing the Sureswipe product offering for “physical card acceptance”.
The technology, product, skills and client base that Concorde bring, is creating an opportunity for Sureswipe to be the first PSP (payments services provider) in South Africa to offer a complete range of card acceptance products. Adding value, simplifying contracting and reducing in-store complexity.
In a nutshell, from an independent retailer to a sizeable client such as Burger King or Nando’s, retailers will simply do better business.
Don’t you wish things were simpler? That you could be rid of all the red tape and admin and simply go about your business? For retailers and consumers, a ‘one point’ of payments solution makes that simplicity a reality.