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Samsung, Citrix extend tech partnership


Samsung in collaboration with Citrix XenMobile is to provide the highest level of application and data security for Android environments available on the market today.

Citrix XenMobile is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) suite that provides total mobile freedom for employees offering full IT control. Samsung KNOX has become a robust and trusted mobile security platform, protecting the device at every layer, from hardware through software to application.

Together, Samsung and Citrix XenMobile will give enterprise clients extended EMM security as well as management features – the most comprehensive set of Android security solutions on the market.

Paulo Ferreira, director of enterprise mobility at Samsung Electronics SA, says: “Samsung KNOX is an award winning, defence-grade security platform, now being expanded to offer a collection of innovative and intuitive purpose-built business tools that are designed for the way people want to work.

“The enhanced Samsung KNOX is taking the platform beyond mobile to serve as the foundation for all Samsung enterprise solutions and services. The partnership with Citrix delivers a multi-layered security architecture that provides end-to-end encryption for data-at-rest, data in-motion and data-in-use.”

Samsung KNOX provides mobile security in three ways:

* Platform security – A series of overlapping security measures spanning all facets of Samsung mobile devices, fused and anchored into the very hardware itself. These include hardware root of trust, secure boot, trusted boot, run time kernel protection, TrustZone services and hardware key store.

* Mobile device management – Comprehensive device and user management policies along with streamlined onboarding using KNOX Mobile Enrolment.

* Application security – Comprises of KNOX Workspace container which isolates and secure environment within the mobile device, completed with its own home screen, launcher, applications, and widgets, as well as VPN support, providing enterprise IT administrators with the ability to configure, provision, and manage the use of VPN on a per-application basis.

The Citrix and Samsung partnership provides XenMobile customers that are using XenMobile’s Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) Container-based Mobile Application Management (MAM), additional KNOX platform security and Mobile Device Management (MDM) policies at no extra cost.

Samsung will provide Citrix with KNOX Application Program Interface (API) that makes it easier to apply KNOX policies via the XenMobile EMM platform placed at the foundation of all solutions and services. Integration and testing have been completed between Citrix and Samsung, supporting cases with the ability to enrol KNOX devices on the XenMobile EMM platform in bulk.

This bulk-enrolment feature, enhances the united Samsung-Citrix value proposition for enterprise customers by streamlining onboarding, allowing IT to setup and deploy a volume of Samsung devices for end users, easier.

KNOX is supported by over 120 EMM providers worldwide and performs with all popular Single Sign-On (SSO) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions to preserve enterprise legacy IT investments.

“We look forward to working with an expanded base of customers who recognise the security benefits that Samsung KNOX together with XenMobile can offer to enterprise Android device deployments,” says Ferreira.