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ArchiMate modelling language freely available to SA firms


The third major revision to the ArchiMate Enterprise Architecture (EA) modelling language represents an enhanced way for technology professionals to visually depict EA strategy and transformation.

The ArchiMate 3.0 Specification, an Open Group standard, was developed by The Open Group ArchiMate Forum. This is the first major update to the ArchiMate language since the ArchiMate 2.1 Specification was published in 2013.

The Open Group is the global vendor-neutral IT consortium aimed at furthering adoption of open architecture, as well as creating EA standards.

Launched at the IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Europe Conference in London, the language is now officially available for use internally within any local organisation, free of charge.

Used by Enterprise Architects to support and improve the architecture process, the ArchiMate modelling language has been designed to drive digital transformation, and set organizations up to succeed in the digital age.  It features increased alignment with TOGAF, an Open Group standard, as well as other relevant standards like BPMN, UML and BMM.

ArchiMate 3.0 includes elements for modelling the enterprise at a strategic level, such as capability, resource, and outcome; as well as support to describe the Internet of Things and the systems of the physical world (most notably in areas like manufacturing and logistics).

Stuart Macgregor, CEO of The Open Group SA, notes that “ArchiMate is a powerful way for architects to visualise relationships among architecture domains, informing the organisation’s EA roadmap for the future.”

Embedded in the ArchiMate 3.0 language framework are a number of structural changes that help organisations to achieve optimal experience design – not just in the outward products and services visible to their users, but also the internal processes lying at the heart of its operations.

ArchiMate 3.0 certification programmes will be available through accredited training providers towards the end of 2016, giving architects an opportunity to update their skill-sets and capitalise on the benefits of the updated ArchiMate language.