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CWU eyes action at MTN, Telkom


MTN’s decision to outsource its call centre has met with resistance from the Communication Workers Union (CWU).
The company announced yesterday that it will outsource some of its call centre facilities in a bid to optimise its operations and enhance customer experience.
MTN has adopted a hybrid outsource model which will result in MTN retaining some call centre facilities while others are outsourced to a third party vendor.
The process is expected to be completed by September this year.
The CWU, however, is believed to be considering a renewal of industrial action over the move, citing an August 2015 agreement to make temporary workers permanent. According to the union, the call centre cannot be outsourced until all workers have been made permanent, and their contracts backdated to August 2015 as this would improve their status and benefits.
MTN states that is has commenced the process of engaging with the employees and the unions regarding its plans in line with Section 197 of the Labour Relations Act. MTN will be working very closely with all stakeholders during this process.
Telkom is also in the CWU’s sights, with the possibility of renewed action over the new performance-based incentives and 6% salary increase.