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South Africans can now make their home and work environments smarter with the cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Nviromon ULTi from Netshield South Africa. This remote control and monitoring device will give users reports of what is happening at home or work wherever they are, with the power to control systems and processes from their cellphones or computers.
“The addition of communicative IoT sensors and the ULTi’s ability to port myriad data from these sensors to the cloud make it the ideal solution for users living in a modern, digital world who need monitoring and control of their homes and businesses at their fingertips,” says Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield South Africa.
“Controlling the switching on and off of alarms, lights and generators, the opening and closing of gates and even security through the monitoring of power cables and electric fencing – these are just the beginnings of a long list of applications for the ULTi.”
The optional IoT sensors users can connect to the ULTi including flood, fire, temperature, humidity and power monitoring sensors to name a few, provide protection of sensitive assets around the clock by alerting users should anything go wrong in an environment. Though it can be used for applications across various industries, the ULTi will prove particularly useful in agricultural, industrial and commercial environments where having the wrong conditions in an environment can cause massive financial losses.
Weighing just 200 grams the ULTi has a mounting flange that makes it easy to position and the screw terminal connecters provide easy connectivity of devices and sensors. It has a standard Ethernet connector to interface with a LAN but its standalone capability means that it does not require a PC for setup. The device also has a real time clock and SD card for connection to user devices.
Users can choose between GSM alert methods including SMS, GPRS or voice calls and are provided with USB connectors on the device itself for interfacing with other devices like GSM modems and memory sticks for logging information. The ULTi is powered from an external DC power supply, monitoring and reporting on the status of the AC power feed.
“Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the ULTi is that it allows users to respond to threats and emergencies in real time, preventing catastrophe and providing peace of mind for users on the move. In South Africa, where we experience power outages and cable theft often, and that’s not to mention our ever-unpredictable weather, knowing your assets are being monitored 24/7 will definitely help you sleep at night,” says Dreckmeyr.