Earthlife Africa Johannesburg is protesting outside the Kelvin Power Station located in Kempton today (25 August).
The organisation’s supporters are demanding answers from the City of Johannesburg about how much the power station actually costs Johannesburg residents in terms of electricity costs, as well as in terms of pollution and potential health risks.
Among the questions Earthlife Africa Johannesburg is asking are:
* Who is the current owner of the Kelvin Power Station?
* At what price does Kelvin sell electricity to City Power?
* What percentage of City Power electricity does Kelvin provide?
* What will the position be once the agreement between City Power and Kelvin terminates in 2021?
* At what price does Johannesburg Water sell water to Kelvin Power Station?
* How much water does Johannesburg Water supply to Kelvin?
* How much does the City of Johannesburg subsidise Kelvin Power Station?
Earthlife Africa’s project coordinator Dominique Doyle comments: “Kelvin Power Station is old, inefficient and expensive; and can easily be replaced by clean, safe, affordable and reliable renewable energy.”