Gemalto has announced a major expansion of its SafeNet data protection portfolio that makes it easier for enterprises to protect big data deployments in the cloud, data centre, and virtualised environments.
Gemalto’s SafeNet data encryption and tokenisation solutions can now be used to secure data in the most widely used big data environments through technology integrations with leading providers including MongoDB, Cloudera, Couchbase, DataStax, Hortonworks, IBM, and Zettaset.
In addition to offering the industry’s broadest support for big data encryption, Gemalto also gives enterprises the flexibility to secure big data according to the specifics of their configurations at the application, file, database, and disk or even block levels. This means that regardless of the data source, customers can apply transparent encryption and pervasive data security anywhere in the flow of big data across their enterprise, from data creation to data transport to data storage.
For customers and channel partners, the benefits from today’s announcement are:
* Advanced Format Preserving Encryption (FPE): Customers can use SafeNet ProtectApp and SafeNet ProtectDB to implement format-preserving encryption into applications or utilize encryption at the column-level within a database for security that doesn’t change the data’s format or the database schema.
* Broader Data Encryption for Hadoop: Organisations can utilise the entire SafeNet data protection portfolio across Hadoop infrastructures to secure data at the file, folder, database, application and disk or block levels. With Gemalto, Hadoop users can protect their files with encryption and continue to benefit from the analytics tools that make big data implementations so attractive. This flexibility in deployment comes with granular access controls – all of which is unified behind the SafeNet enterprise key management platform.
* Expanded Data Encryption Ecosystem for NoSQL Databases: Customers can now protect data in any NoSQL database including leading database vendors such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, and HBase.
* Big Data Security for Most Popular Cloud and Virtualised Platforms: Customers can seamlessly use the SafeNet data encryption and enterprise key management to solutions to protect big data stored in the most widely used cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, CenturyLink, VMWare, and Virtustream.
“In today’s digital economy, many companies are relying on big data to extract value from immense amounts of information in a wide variety of formats and sources in order to power actionable business strategies,” says Todd Moore, senior vice-president of encryption products at Gemalto. “Given the growing volume of data and the variety of its sources, securing big data deployments has become a major challenge for data driven organisations.
“The SafeNet data protection platform gives enterprises the ability to secure big data across the broadest range of data formats and deployment environments, giving them greater confidence in protecting the vast amounts of data from the edge to the core.”
“Aside from the sheer volume of data it can create, one of the challenges with providing security for big data environments is the diversity of architectural choices across the various big data distributions,” adds Garrett Bekker, senior security analyst at 451 Research. “By providing a way to protect data at a variety of tiers such as file, database, and application levels, organisations will have the flexibility to secure their big data regardless of the particular big data use case.”