AxizWorkgroup is enabling the digital business transformation for it partners and their customers via its AxizCloud platform.
The company believes that digital business transformation is the ability for an organisation to replace offline content and manual processes with digital=centric technologies and business models; and the new offering will increase the relevance of partner offerings.
AxizCloud is a cloud services aggregation platform capable of provisioning, managing and billing products and services sourced from multiple vendors in a secure and convenient manner from any device.
The platform is a channel-based service enabling AxizWorkgroup resellers to market and sell their home-grown services via customised reseller portal as part of a multi-tiered product service to end users.
AxizCloud portal connects the standard ICT reseller to the cloud, offering the reseller tools, marketing and support assistance to service end users via this mechanism.
AxizCloud is the engine room to deliver Microsoft CSP to the channel. Microsoft CSP will integrate with the AxizCloud and will also be available to the channel as a standalone platform for partners not wishing to partner with AxizCloud.
To help facilitate CSP within a partners’ business, AxizWorkgroup will be able to provide a proof of concept (POC) for deals with above 60% confidence level to help drive adoption.
AxizCloud offers helpdesk services, including services via a toll free number for 24/7 support services and assistance. This includes Multi-tier support from simple Tier 1 (desktop support) to Tier 5 (LAN engineer) technical assistance via qualified and certified engineers.