Clients who sign up to Network Platforms’ new software platform between now and 31 December 2016 will receive free Internet for three months as part of the launch offer.

The company developed a new IPC infrastructure in early 2016 to enable the seamless delivery of FTTH, ADSL and VDSL solutions to clients and its reseller base. Once the infrastructure was in place, it focused on developing a new software solution designed to manage the IPC platform.

The solution, planned for a slow release over the next few months, allows for resellers to create user accounts and gain access to richer functionality and service capability.

“We are offering free 50Gb accounts for three months to the first 200 accounts on our Telkom FTTH, VDSL and ADSL infrastructures,” says Brad Love, CEO of Network Platforms. “The free accounts are available through our reseller base. New users can now be among the first to not only receive our special offer, but to experience the superior capabilities of our new platform.”

Currently, Network Platforms has one of the most redundant networks in the country, using five international cable systems with multiple local routes. The company offers peering in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and South Africa, and its latest infrastructure and service offering developments provide even richer capability to market and client.

As part of the new IPC infrastructure platform, the company has been re-developing a powerful and feature-rich software portal which will be launched towards the end of November and will include a number of free packages as part of its launch.

“Free bandwidth to various well-known video on demand services will only be a part of what our new platform and portal will offer,” says Love. “We have developed some impressive functionality which is not available elsewhere on the market and which recognises the challenges facing modern business in an ever changing market. More information about this will be released as we approach the launch date.”