Platinum Salesforce partner, Agilitude has announced a strategic partnership with Qstream, makers of a mobile sales capabilities platform for igniting high-performance teams. The move not only supports Qstream’s global rollout and footprint in EMEA, but strengthens Agilitude’s already heavy-weight Salesforce offering.

Agilitude joins a select group of value-added resellers authorised to sell Qstream’s award-winning SaaS solution, which integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to provide predictive insights into sales fluency and provide sales and services resources to customers in the region.

“Qstream’s sales capabilities engine complements our established ecosystem of business solutions extremely well, and provides the missing link for new and existing clients looking to manage the effectiveness of their salespeople in wholly new ways,” said Russell Steyn, Executive, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Agilitude.” As a reseller, we’re excited to be working with the Qstream team to help our clients further maximise the potential of their CRM investments, drive revenue and keep pace with market change.”

Agilitude has a well-established presence in South Africa as well as in Africa, with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Kenya. The company specialises in digital transformations for blue chip companies in amongst others the pharmaceuticals, insurance, technology and consumer brand sectors. Agilitude is the only full-service Salesforce partner on the African continent, and furnishes businesses with the platforms they need to engage, communicate and deliver on customer needs.

Using Qstream from within Salesforce, Salesforce1 or via any mobile device, sales reps participate in scenario-based challenge competitions that reinforce the knowledge and skills that matter most in their selling environment. The minutes-a-day approach delivers strong user engagement and is scientifically proven to boost performance with impact to the bottom line. A predictive insights engine then continuously analyses thousands of response data points to provide real-time management updates, trends and comparisons that help sales leadership manage and measure sales capabilities at scale.

Correlating that data with CRM metrics from Salesforce, Agilitude’s clients can better predict their sales team’s ability to meet forecast goals, and provide necessary coaching to course-correct as needed.

“As the premier Salesforce partner in Africa, Agilitude is the ideal addition to our growing reseller network,” said Darach Deehan, director of reseller channels for Qstream “They bring the depth of experience and vision required for clients looking to increase productivity and competitiveness through new approaches to scaling their business. Their team will play a key role in expanding our reach into Africa, bringing the benefits of Qstream’s data-driven solution to some of the region’s top brands.”