Enterprise business analytics platform Pyramid Analytics has announced new functionality in BI Office that delivers streamlined and governed access to all data sources in the SAP system, including SAP HANA and SAP BW.
Using an SAP-certified connector, customers can unify their SAP data with other critical enterprise data sources within BI Office, empowering both executives and business users to make more informed, data-driven decisions.
“Thousands of the world’s largest enterprises rely on SAP data to run their business. These data sources represent everything from HR records, CRM system data, and inventory management, which, when combined with other data sources, tell a powerful story that informs a better decision process,” says Omri Kohl, Pyramid Analytics co-founder and CEO. “Because Pyramid Analytics is using a certified connector to SAP, our enterprise customers will be able to easily and confidently integrate their SAP data with our best-in-class enterprise business analytics platform.
“And they can do so in a secure, governed environment while giving their end users the ability to be innovative with SAP data in a self-service analytics environment.”
BI Office enables businesses to:
* Curate data models in a governed and secured framework: The robust role-based security framework in BI Office enables IT to make sanctioned SAP data available to the business users in a managed and secured way. This creates an integrated end-to-end analytics workflow that ensures everyone is working from the most current information, without sacrificing IT governance or administrative control.
* Allow users to connect to all SAP data sources in a self-service environment: With the intuitive interface of BI Office, coupled with the integration of the connector, users can make their own data models to merge SAP data with non-SAP data, create their own dashboards and reports, and even control when the data refreshes– without relying on IT assistance.
* Access unified analytics dashboards: BI Office serves as a centralised analytics hub where users can easily consolidate and analyse content from SAP and other disparate sources, apply universal interactions, and change context on the fly.
* Share content and context from SAP data sources: BI Office provides a platform for users to share and re-use content and business logic, as well as offer content recommendations and threaded conversations that expose important insights, relationships, and interactions.