Eastern Cape-based Supreme Leisure & Boating, has implemented Sage Evolution Service Manager solution to automate and manage service and maintenance-related requests and business processes. This has helped the company to run more efficiently and boost the level of service that it offers its customers.
The company, located in Port Alfred, is a marine dealership and also offers its customers storage, servicing, maintenance, and boat launching services. When Ryan Reynolds, Financial Manager at Supreme Leisure & Boating, launched the business seven years ago, he wanted to ensure he had the best technology in place to support the company’s growth.
The company chose Sage Evolution as its core enterprise applications platform, an investment Reynolds says was “worth every cent”. One of the solution’s major benefits is that it enables Small & Medium Businesses to add powerful, optional modules such as Sage Evolution Service Manager as their business needs change.
As Supreme Leisure & Boating grew, the company recognised that it needed a solution to help them better track and manage which customers’ boats need servicing, maintenance, license renewal and other regular services. It decided to implement Sage Evolution Service Manager as a fully integrated service management solution for Sage Evolution Accounting and Business Management Solutions.
The solution makes it easy for the company to track customers’ boat service requests and history; simplifies scheduling of jobs and ensures that discounts and service contract terms are applied correctly to each job and boat owner. Reynolds says the system has proven its value a number of times, especially in helping the company to pre-empt the traditional December rush when owners often decide they want their boats ready for the holidays.
With the Sage solution, Supreme Leisure & Boating can evaluate which customers’ boats will require servicing, maintenance, and license renewal to be water-ready a few months ahead of the holidays. It can notify its customers and start scheduling the work as early as October, meaning it can ensure a steady stream of work and avoid overloading the workshop during the peak holiday season. The reminder system also ensures annuity business with customers with boats in storage that they don’t use every year.
The integration of Sage Evolution Service Manager and the automation that it provides is also of value to the company’s retail store. The retail point of sale system is quick and simple, ensures that credit card transactions are approved before logging a sale as complete, and eliminates human error, says Reynolds.
Reynolds says the system has saved him the cost of at least two additional team members. It also assists with calculating the commissions for sales agents in the retail store.
Says Ashley Pillay, sales director SMB at Sage: “We take real pride from how customers like Supreme Leisure & Boating have flourished and that our products have grown with them as they moved from start-up to successful businesses. It has been a privilege to be part of Supreme Leisure & Boating’s journey over the past seven years.”