South African’s are mired in debt, and this is especially true of those earning just enough to get by, but not enough to buy all the things they need. So, in an attempt to change locals’ approach to their financial wellness, Avocado Vision is offering a free financial literacy programme – Money fo’ Sho!
Although it is an ongoing programme for Avocado Vision, through their partnership with a large financial services organisation, Avo is currently offering sponsored financial literacy training to all eligible candidates.
So, if your employees or colleagues earn between R8 000 and R15 000 a month, you are invited to apply for our sponsored training.
“Help your staff learn how to manage their money better, plan for those unexpected financial costs, manage credit, budgeting and all the other things that contribute to financial well-being,” a spokesman for Avocado Vision says. “We have 3 500 open slots available for training before 1 December 2016. Each group must be between 25-32 people and we invite all business, community organisations and groups to apply.
“A great opportunity to help people plan for financial wellness, just before Christmas debt arrives,” the company says.
To find out more, or to book please contact or 011 614 0206.