CA Southern Africa has announced that TFG has implemented the CA API (Application Program Interface) Management solution to drive the digitalisation of its business and supply chain.
TFG is a leading fashion and lifestyle retailer that operates in 31 countries and has 2,200 stores across Africa and beyond. It has recently expanded into the UK.
According to Craig de Lucchi, account manager ay CA Southern Africa, TFG required a solution that would safeguard the supply chain and support new digital initiatives. “The company needed to enable seamless systems integration with its suppliers while maintaining security.”
CA API Management enables TFG to receive automated alerts about product shipments by its suppliers. “TFG is also integrating its ecommerce platform with stock management systems to provide its customers with up to the minute product information. Essentially it delivers a seamless customer experience both online and in-store and provides customers with information on stock availability which in turn enables the company to better manage customer expectations,”
Wayne Beckley, senior enterprise architect at TFG, says the company was keen to improve visibility of the supply chain and establish greater automation. “We particularly wanted suppliers to be able to automatically notify us when goods were shipped,” says Beckley.
The group had various tools in place for integration but significant development effort was required, which was costly and time-consuming.
“We selected the CA Technologies solution, implemented by CA Southern Africa, because its flexible policies enable us to govern and secure our APIs. It also works seamlessly with Active Directory,” says Beckley.
He emphasises that the digitalisation of its business will facilitate TFG’s growth into the future and help to position them at the front of a highly competitive market.
De Lucchi notes that APIs are the building blocks of digital transformation. “To compete successfully and thrive today, enterprises across every industry need to transform.
“This process is not just about incremental improvement, but about evolving core businesses to meet the demands of today’s connected world. API management accelerates this digital transformation by providing the capabilities you need to bring systems together, secure these integrations, deliver better customer experiences faster and capitalise on new opportunities,” he adds.