TshWi-Fi, Tshwane’s free WiFi project made possible by Project Isizwe, has won the Wi-Fi NOW award for Affordable Connectivity.
Delivering Free WiFi to more than 2 million citizens in South Africa’s capital city, TshWi-Fi is the biggest deployment of its kind on the African continent with over 1 000 Wi-Fi hotspots – known as TshWi-Fi Free Internet Zones – deployed across Tshwane.
Since its launch, the project has facilitated over 2,2-million unique connections and over 133-million sessions, using a massive 2,6 petabytes of data. A high of 310 000 connections have been recorded on a single day.
The vision behind TshWi-Fi has been to enable Wi-Fi within walking distance of every citizen, and to better the lives of South Africans by digitally empowering learners, thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators to improve economic development, enhance educational outcomes and increase social cohesion in our communities.