Video conferencing supplier Imago South Africa is launching a new corporate identity and name-change to underline its independent status and commitment to its market.
Its new name – SkyGroup Communications and positioning statement “Completely Connected” – is a signal to customers that sustained growth is on the horizon, says Johannesburg-based sales and marketing director, Dirk Schreuder.
“It is the ideal time to showcase our independence following strategic growth that firmly positions us as South Africa’s leading video-conferencing distributor.
“Last financial year, we achieved 43,2% sales growth. Over the last two years we have more than doubled our reseller base.
“We forecast continued double-digit sales growth on the back of continued development of our basket of high quality video-conferencing and voice solutions.”
The new identity also underscores the business’s separation from the international Imago Group.
The South African operation was previously a subsidiary of Imago Group plc, a European business that was subsequently acquired by NASDAC-listed ScanSource Inc. Imago South Africa was not part of the transaction.
All equity in the South African business is now held by local managers and a UK-based investor.
“Since separation from our international parent we have enjoyed phenomenal growth,” says Schreuder. “Our name-change is designed to usher in the next growth phase.”
Confidence is based on the strength of the ‘brand basket’ now being marketed by SkyGroup Communications. The product mix includes:
* LifeSize (cloud-based conferencing solution extending visual communication from the boardroom to desktop and mobile);
* Yealink (video conferencing for SMMEs);
* Barco (manufacturers of plug-in ClickShare wireless presentation tools);
* Pexip (on-premise, cloud or hybrid visual communication solution); and
* Tely (cloud-optimised huddle room solution).
“Each brand is a market leader,” said Schreuder. “Our resellers not only demand top quality like this, they also expect a responsive distribution partner who provides superior technical support. Total commitment to the market is expected.
“That commitment is now assured – thanks to our independence and an ownership structure that accommodates local management.”
Despite the prospect of zero GDP growth in 2016, the SkyGroup team believes continued expansion is achievable.
“We have a qualitative edge across the product mix,” notes Schreuder. “We are therefore well positioned versus other technology platforms.
“Outside of the technology space our major competitor is business travel. As a facilitator of corporate communication, this is less and less attractive. Flying is no longer a perk. Security concerns make it stressful while adding to the hassle-factor.
“Quality video and voice communication ensures efficiency and managerial productivity while containing costs. In a low-growth economy, time savings and cost containment are key for corporate customers – which explains our confidence that growth can be maintained.”