Local WiFi provider VAST Networks has partnered with MyAirangel, the UK-headquartered WiFi Solutions company. MyAirangel is a cloud-based guest WiFi platform solution with a world-class offering focused on key segments of the hospitality industry.
MyAirangel provides a scalable, easy to manage interface and reporting dashboard that is particularly suited for environments such as boutique hotels and B&Bs where guests can login in seamlessly via branded portal to WiFi services.
Grant Marais, CEO of VAST Networks, says: “Working with MyAirangel ensures that we provide visitors with world-class Wi-Fi services that match the amazing experiences South Africa has to offer and that tourists have come to expect and deserve.”
According to the latest tourism statistics from Statistics South Africa, 3,5-million tourists passed through South African ports in August 2016 alone, representing a 14% increase on the previous years figures. About 90% of these tourists were here for leisure while 7,1% travelled for business.
Marais adds: “Tourists expect a premium WiFi experience that is easily accessible wherever they are. They want to be able to connect with friends and family to upload their moments and share their experiences. Business tourists want to be able to connect to their colleagues around the world, sharing information and communicating with one another. This is an important partnership for us as tourism is one of the key industry’s driving the growth of the economy at the moment.”
Matt Smith, head of marketing of MyAirangel, says: “VAST Networks understands our offering and already have the footprint to be our preferred partner. They are the market leader in offering Wi-Fi services to the South Africa Market with strong exposure to the tourism sector. We look forward to working with them.”
Describing the benefits of MyAirangel, the cloud managed WiFi platform, Smith says: “Interacting with guests has never had such potential. Hotel owners can now engage with their guests in a more meaningful way using our WiFi marketing tools. In addition, our solution can sit in the centre of the guest experience by integrating with other hospitality systems and by sharing the data collected from WiFi users.”
Hotels using VAST and MyAirangel are able to have WiFi experiences deployed that become new opportunities to interact with guests to gather data about their experience. Regular visitors can enjoy in-hotel rewards and suppliers, like restaurants, shops and other experiences, can also benefit by connecting directly with the guests.
“For guests MyAirangel makes the WiFi experience as enjoyable as possible, while still staying connected to their world,” Smith says.