Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division (ECD) has introduced the Dell EMC LEAP Platform, a next-generation content management platform featuring a deep set of enterprise-grade content services that allow customers and partners to create their own apps, extend off-the-shelf LEAP apps and integrate with third-party ISVs.
ECD also announced the general availability of two content management apps: LEAP Focus, which allows users to read and review content on mobile phones, and LEAP Express, designed to support digital approval workflows. In addition, ECD unveiled the Beta program for its LEAP Concert app, which enables the creation of a wide variety of documents in a collaborative but controlled environment.
“ECD continues to deliver on our goal of providing anytime, anywhere content management solutions and services,” says Savinay Berry, head of product management: design and business development for LEAP and Documentum at Dell EMC. “The LEAP platform is another key milestone along this journey. It’s a truly modern platform that leverages our deep experience in content management, yet provides a delightful experience to build and use apps.
“Along with today’s addition of the LEAP platform, ECD will have five LEAP applications available by year’s end. The pace of our innovation has created great interest after only a few months in the market and a good number of our key customers and partners are actively engaging with LEAP to extend the value of their existing products.”
The LEAP Platform The LEAP content platform includes the same set of micro-services used to build LEAP apps, now available through a beta program, to enable customers and partners to easily build their own apps or extend existing LEAP apps. Developers will have access to API documentation and tutorials, along with an intuitively designed developer centre within the LEAP platform to quickly create apps that complement the Dell EMC Documentum content server by building apps that leverage content on premises or in the cloud.
The LEAP platform provides a flexible micro-service architecture and easily consumable REST APIs that can integrate with existing systems requiring content services or new content applications, including:
* LEAP Content Service – allowing customers to build enterprise content applications in the cloud with a rich set of capabilities that include file uploads/downloads, versioning, folders, metadata attributes, content transformation, workflow processes and enterprise search. The Content Service also includes the administration APIs needed to run applications, including authentication, user and role management.
* LEAP Capture Service – enabling users to embed advanced document and data capture capabilities into custom applications. The Capture Service provides capture capabilities such as real-time automatic document classification and data extraction, image enhancement/processing, barcode recognition and full-text searchable PDF creation- all delivered through a standard RESTful interface without the need to setup any infrastructure.
* LEAP Case Service – powering the integration of the LEAP Courier application with LOB applications, ECM repositories and systems of record. The Courier Service provides case creation, collaboration and export to support integrated solutions and embedding key features and functionality of the Courier application into third-party applications. Future instances will expand case management beyond LEAP Courier to support all LEAP apps.
* Hybrid Layer – connecting the LEAP apps and any other apps built on top of the platform to on-premises repositories and applications. The hybrid layer will make it easy for customers to manage their content in place instead of migrating content to cloud repositories. It will also extend customers’ existing investments in the Documentum family of products with LEAP without doing any heavy lifting on their side.

LEAP applications
Dell EMC LEAP apps are interoperable with existing content repositories, but engineered to extend and work “better together” with the capability of the Documentum family of content management products. The apps address common, collaborative use cases that are better suited to the cloud because of the need to exchange content outside the firewall in a secure way. Repository independence allows content to still be managed in place – without having to migrate content – unlike other solutions in the market.
The latest Dell EMC LEAP apps join the existing set of solutions that deliver enterprise-grade content management capabilities combined with the most intuitive user experience for diverse business use cases.