Flexenclosure has unveiled its new hybrid power system for telecom sites – the eSite x10 that will provide towercos and mobile operators a sustained advantage in terms of the highest possible uptime and the lowest possible site power costs.
eSite x10 is the world’s first hybrid power system purpose-built for outdoor telecom sites and to outdoor telecom standards. It is a patented, sealed tamper-proof unit with passive convection cooling, no filters, no moving parts and it requires no maintenance.
Flexenclosure is an industry leader in the hybrid power system market, having deployed several thousand eSite systems in Africa and Asia. Three years in development, eSite x10 has been purpose-built from the ground up to withstand the operational challenges that have been the downfall of nigh on all of the hybrid power implementations around the world to date.
“eSite x10 is like no other hybrid power system available today and its launch is a ground-breaking moment in the industry’s history”, said David King, CEO, Flexenclosure. “Until now, hybrid power systems for off-grid or bad-grid telecom sites have been built using indoor components and deployed in outdoor locations where they are exposed to the most challenging environmental extremes imaginable.
“These systems weren’t fit for purpose and they were highly unreliable. eSite x10 has been developed to overcome these operational issues and is, quite simply, the future of hybrid power.”
Some of eSite x10’s key innovations include:
* IP65 sealed and ruggedized to withstand the harshest operating environments as well as potential tampering.
* Tested and certified to the strictest CE and ETSI requirements.
* Patented protective soft power switching between grid and gensets.
* Single unit preconfigured to handle all site types greatly simplifies deployment planning and compact form factor allows unit to be hand carried to site.
* Preconfigured for up to three tenants with separate load measurement.
* Fully integrated eSite Tools suite provides reliable network data for highest sustained performance.
* Delivers 24/7 uptime and industry leading OPEX reduction.
Neglected maintenance is a common source of hybrid power system performance issues today so eSite x10 has been designed to be maintenance-free with no filters or moving parts. It has no single point of failure and uses patented protective soft power switching between the grid and connected gensets to replace mechanical switching and thus protect the unit from potentially damaging input power while maximising energy harvesting.
eSite x10 also uses passive convection cooling, meaning no energy is wasted on active cooling systems such as air conditioning.
The size of the unit has been reduced by 75 per cent when compared with existing hybrid power systems and it can be hand carried to site, greatly simplifying transport logistics and deployment.
eSite x10 is preconfigured to handle all site types and includes built-in support for 6kWp solar power. All required systems are already in the unit making installation a simple and quick plug-and-play process. Power sources, batteries, and tenants are easily added in the connection compartment as and when required. And system configuration is managed remotely, removing any possibility of mistakes being made by on-site installers.
eSite x10 has been designed for the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO), with a design life exceeding ten years in even the most challenging outdoor telecom site environments. It is not subject to unexpected OPEX exposure for callouts to the site because it requires no maintenance.
eSite x10 also reduces diesel-related costs by up to 90 per cent by combining software-defined hybrid battery control with solar power, intelligent grid power harvesting and optimal genset control.
Add to this lower expenditure for transport, installation, and commissioning, and the result is up to 30% lower total cost of ownership than competing hybrid power systems.
eSite x10 is designed to deliver 100% uptime and is certified to operate in the most challenging of environments. It is manufactured to the most rigorous ETSI, CE and IEC standards and takes international standards compliance to a new level for hybrid power systems.
“We have been at the forefront of the hybrid power system market for a number of years now and we’ve taken that experience and distilled it into a product that is truly fit for purpose,” adds King. “eSite x10’s hardware and software engineering is unique and we expect it to be an industry game changer, providing towercos and mobile operators a sustained advantage in terms of the highest possible uptime and the lowest possible site power costs.”