With so many homes and businesses left vacant during the festive season, a Western Cape Business Woman is urging people to make use of technology to assist in protecting their properties while away.
“Any incidents at home is the last thing you want to come back to after a relaxing holiday, it can be emotionally and financially draining for homes and businesses,” says Glynn Mashonga, owner of GlobeScope Security Solutions and a beneficiary of the Innovator Trust’s Enterprise Development Programme.
“2016 has been a difficult year for most homes and businesses because of tough economic conditions. Now, more than ever, people need to ensure their assets are safe.” she says.
In 2009, Mashonga founded her company, GlobeScope Security Solutions, which installs sophisticated electronic systems at businesses, private homes and tertiary education institutions in the Western Cape.
With the December holiday season fast approaching, she urges people to review their security and fire detection systems before they go away or their business closes.
Mashonga, who is also a qualified technician, says businesses should also seriously consider asset tracking measures in addition to “traditional” security systems such as CCTV and access control.
“With asset tracking security, you can see where your goods are in real-time and from any location using GPS. Even if you’re relaxing on the beach, you can access your assets’ locations from smart devices to ensure they are where should be,” says Mashonga.
As GlobeScope operates in a highly technical environment with client security at the core of what her company does, she says it is vital that each and every job is completed to specification the first time around.
“Being consistently aware of new developments allowed us to increase our client base through our reputation for delivering quality service. It assists us to streamline costs by avoiding needless repetition of our work,”
Mashonga says. When the company was launched, GlobeScope employed just two people and used one vehicle. Today, Mashonga’s business employs nine people, servicing over 45 clients a month, with a fleet of four vehicles.
She concludes, “After what has been a challenging year, I’m sure people who are able to take time off from work in December are looking forward to some rest and relaxation. Remember, the technology is made available to provide you with some peace of mind that your assets and properties are protected while you get some much-needed downtime.”