Verint Systems has announced the availability of its new Mobile Work View solution, an app that further extends common work activities across devices, from desktops to smartphones, enabling employees to access workplace information anytime, anywhere.
These changes include integrating bring your own device (BYOD) and mobile apps in the workplace.
The Verint Mobile Work View app addresses specific user needs to help drive increased adoption of workforce optimisation (WFO) capabilities by employees. In doing so, organisations can confidently extend mobile capabilities to their employees without compromising data security. The app also enables them to provide their workforce with additional avenues for engagement and empowerment.
By delivering the consumer-like experience employees and others have come to expect, the app offers a view into vital schedule information and the ability to request time-off, irrespective of their locations and without having to access a computer or web browser.
The new Verint Mobile Work View app serves as an extension to Verint’s broad suite of Workforce Optimization solutions, including its other mobile applications. Creating a consistent experience for employees who already use Verint software helps drive user adoption and use of its mobile applications, furthering their organisations’ existing investments in Verint solutions.
Without having to access a computer or web browser, and from the convenience of their mobile device, Verint Mobile Work View provides employees the flexibility to:
* Access work schedules;
* Request time off;
* View availability of time-off allocations;
* Bid for shifts on auctions; and
* Gain notification on schedule updates, time-off request approvals and other schedule-related changes.
In addition, in support of an organisations data security requirements, Verint’s mobile gateway provides enhanced security capabilities for the login into the mobile app to provide additional protection and help to ensure no proprietary information is stored on devices.
“Verint Mobile Work View enables companies to confidently extend mobile capabilities to employees without compromising data security,” says Nancy Treaster, senior vice-president and GM: strategic operations at Verint. “With this mobile app addition, we are aggressively and proactively adding apps and other solutions that help address the evolving requirements of today’s changing workforce. This includes the growing popularity of BYOD policies in organisations around the world.
“Our Mobile Work View app not only helps frontline employees enjoy the benefits of Verint Workforce Optimisation from the convenience of their own mobile devices, but also experience the benefits of further engagement and empowerment that comes with delivering on-demand, actionable information.”