Cognition.Online has launched an app that is now coined the Uber of private tutoring. The app connects students and tutors in a unique way and provides tutors with new job opportunities.
This app comes at a perfect time when the country’s education system desperately needs innovation to transform it. Cognition.Online has introduced the most innovative, convenient and reliable way to find the perfect tutor.
Education is important to every child’s development and parents are always seeking innovative ways to improve their child’s results. If they require assistance with a particular subject, or just a more individualised learning experience, Cognition.Online could be the answer.
Cognition.Online director Kyle Dodds says the flexible nature of tutoring allows parents to book tutoring sessions that fit their pockets. “A student can now find a tutor in seconds and for far less than traditional private tutoring services.”
This is the first on-demand tutoring app to connect students and tutors to book tutoring sessions on the fly, or for later. All tutors on the platform are background checked and reviewed after each session.
“We are passionately dedicated to improving the academic experience and potential for success for all students,” he concludes.