Brooklyn SAPS and the Namola App are working to fight crime in Tshwane, and have signed a partnership agreement committing collaborative efforts to ensure citizen safety.
“To combat crime in Tshwane and across South Africa, we need all hands on deck,” says Namola’s chief ambassador, Yusuf Abramjee. “Partnerships like this add support and capacity to our emergency services, like the Brooklyn SAPS.
“Embracing innovative technology to help the way we fight crime is the way of the future for safety and security in South Africa.”
Brigadier Nair of the Brooklyn SAPS adds: “We are very excited about this partnership. Our officers are committed to the safety of our citizens, and we need to ensure they have the support and tools to do this work.
“Namola is giving the people of Tshwane immediate access to our police service is empowering for them, and ensures improved efficiency in our operations.”
Namola is a mobile application that lets citizens to connect directly with crime-fighting authorities. It allows users – via their GPS-enabled smartphones – to share their physical location with the nearest three police emergency response vehicles and receive an immediate response. The first available officer is immediately directed to the citizen’s location while being monitored by the control room.