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Obsidian Systems, in association with industry partners the Docker Inc, Microsoft Azure, Atlassian, SUSE and HPE will together host a technology-focused network and information session in Cape Town on 21 February and Johannesburg on 23 February.
Riedwaan Bassadien from Microsoft Azure, Matthew Lee from SUSE and Matthew Coughlan from Atlassian will join representatives from HPE in this high level technology information session.
These industry leaders within the open source ecosystem will discuss how software-defined infrastructure, microservices and Docker containers are revolutionising the datacentre, challenging the traditional rigid model and driving the benefits of agility.
This is paving the way for the increased adoption and application of OS technology, adding continuous value to enterprise networks.
Docker is the company behind the container movement with a platform for developers and IT operations teams to build, ship and run applications anywhere. From Windows to Linux, monoliths to microservices architectures and on-premises to the cloud, Docker is the unified platform to deliver agility, portability and control for organizations of all sizes.
This specialised project is spearheading the migration of app development toward cloud and micro-service architectures, and provides a platform for app development and delivery.
This platform brings together a series of capabilities which include orchestration, security, scheduling, management, networking and content distribution.
The OS-focused roadshow has been organised to address the general misperception about the inherent value of containers and the role of this technology in deploying and managing Linux software.
While many see containers as being a ‘silver bullet’ to configuration management, the reality is that these require maintenance – and that boils down to hands-on configuration.
This is the main message that Obsidian Systems will communicate to delegates says MD Muggie van Staden.
“We have partnered with Docker to support this important industry initiative, one that will clear up any misconception around containers, the role they play in infrastructure and application delivery. We are proud to be a part of this team and look forward to engaging with business leaders,” said van Staden.
Register for Cape Town:
Register for Johannesburg: