CaseWare Africa, an Adapt IT company, has launched Audit International, a software solution that automates the audit process.
Theuns Holtshousen, divisional business leader: Africa at CaseWare Africa, says that Audit International has several unique features that have the potential to greatly improve the way that audits are performed.
“Audit International is a global solution from CaseWare International but our local development team has localised it for the African continent which includes reference to the relevant country, its regulator; laws and codes of practice,” he says. “This means that international best practice, adapted to specific local requirements, provides the framework for an automated audit process, truly enabling African audit firms to compete with the world’s best.”
In addition, Audit International can be configured by audit firms to support their particular style and pace of working within the framework of international auditing best practices. It thus offers true “out of the box” convenience without creating a process straitjacket.
Importantly, Audit International is licenced per user, so it is practical and cost-effective for the whole range of audit firms, from large networked operations to small partnerships. It is offered as a hybrid solution: the software is loaded onto user’s desktops while the data is stored in the cloud. Software and feature updates are provided via the innovative CaseWare Africa Community website, which also provides guides, a knowledge base, training and much more.
“We see the CaseWare Cloud as a game-changer as it provides a collaboration platform for users in different locations. This means that firms can optimise use of all their resources during big audits and access scarce skills,” says Holtshousen.
“We also think that such a solution will be of particular help in the public sector, providing a collaboration platform that will promote transparency across the complex drafting and audit processes through automation and support true consolidation of accounts, as opposed to mere aggregation. This in turn will help the regulators to improve their management of how public money is spent.”
Holtshousen reveals that the software has been in use for a year by 100 clients of varying sizes across Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. “Twelve months is a significant milestone for us because of the fact that clients have renewed provides objective confirmation that the software is delivering the promised value,” he says. “With this endorsement behind us, we feel confident in publicly launching the product onto the market at this point,” concludes Holtshousen.