Riverbed Technology today announced Riverbed SteelFusion 5.0, which includes new support of Network Attached Storage (NAS), enhancing the flexibility and ease of managing remote and branch office IT.
Riverbed SteelFusion is the only solution which provides the ability to “project” storage assets from data centers or the cloud out to remote business locations, eliminating the cost and security risk associated with managing islands of remote storage and backup infrastructure.
The company also announced it has surpassed 1 000 customers for SteelFusion, helping organisations around the world transform their approach to managing remote and branch office IT infrastructure with a software-defined approach that delivers the security, agility and cost-effectiveness required by today’s modern enterprise.
“Riverbed is proud to deliver a software-defined edge solution with SteelFusion 5.0, which provides a cloud-grade experience for managing edge IT infrastructure,” says Allan Paton, regional vice-president: UK at Riverbed Technology. “With SteelFusion, organisations benefit from an extensible and software-defined services solution that delivers unprecedented flexibility, control, and automation for managing remote office IT.
“By adding support for data center NAS to its support for SAN and Object-based storage, our customers now have complete flexibility to extend the power, security and protection of data center and cloud-based storage out to every location where they do business.”
In today’s cloud-centric and digital world, IT organizations face new challenges in remote and branch office locations. IT is being tasked to increase business agility, reduce operational costs, and assure information security and application performance all while navigating unprecedented complexity rising from cloud adoption and hybrid IT.
SteelFusion streamlines and transforms how IT manages remote IT infrastructure by centralizing 100% of remote data along with corresponding backup and recovery procedures. With its unique ability to project storage and virtual services from centrally managed data centers or from the cloud out to remote locations, SteelFusion gives IT a scalable approach to deploying and managing remote applications and services across any number of business locations.
Now with SteelFusion 5.0, organisations and service providers can enable this software-defined edge solution in multiple ways based on their desired approach, extending the value of traditional on-premises data center storage (SAN, NAS), private cloud (Software-defined Storage) or public cloud (Object) scenarios. NAS storage systems continue to be a significant and attractive storage backend for VMware environments. As a significant number of enterprise IT organisations continue to leverage a mix of storage options (Block, File, and Object), SteelFusion 5.0 offers flexibility by supporting all storage protocols in the data center or cloud and extending them all the way to the edge with a consistent, centralized operating model.

SteelFusion surpasses 1 000 customers
SteelFusion has continued to gain momentum in the market over the past several years. Now, with over 1v000 customers, organisations around the globe are benefitting from implementing a software-defined approach to managing remote and branch office IT.