IT distributor Syntech, which celebrates its 15th year in business, has signed a deal for new offices in Johannesburg as part of its expansion programme which was outlined in 2011.
Established in 2002, Syntech places particular focus on providing value-added service and support to mass retail, niche retail, online retail, value-added channel resellers, managed service providers, security and surveillance as well as Apple resellers.
In 2011, CEO Craig Nowitz said: “We are expecting to grow our revenue, and are in the process of embarking on an expansion programme that will see us expand and diversify our product range and market focus, as well as moving into larger premises during the first quarter of 2012.”
Not only did Syntech move into new premises in Cape Town, but opened new offices in Johannesburg, Midrand in September 2014. The expansion into Gauteng was in keeping with sustaining Syntech’s significant growth over the past four years and was a necessary step.
Two years down the road and the Johannesburg office is now relocating to a larger building, including larger warehouse facilities.
Syntech will invest more as it grows, says Nowitz. “Our new Midrand facility will enable us to provide eight times more local stockholding and will be supported with an expanding fleet of delivery vehicles.”
Syntech’s headcount in Gauteng has doubled since inception and is expected to grow by a further 20 people in the next 18 months. “Marketing support and reseller-focussed initiatives remain a key part of our growth strategy and we look forward to building even closer relationships with our partners, enabling them to deliver more,” says Nowitz.
The new office and warehouse, located in Corporate Park South, started operating on 1 March 2017 and Syntech resellers have been invited to a roof wetting party today (16 March).
“We are really excited about the growing number of reseller partners that we work with as well as the availability of our products through more channels,” says Ryan Martyn, sales and marketing director of Syntech. “Our online platform continues to evolve and has been allocated several hundred thousand rands to our annual online budget for ongoing development.
“We have several new exciting tools that we are busy with and will continue to refine our online user experience through feedback from our resellers,” he adds.
“We have tried to understand the markets that our resellers work in and build solution categories that help them to add more value to their customers, with the improved user experience for mobile access. Syntech’s resellers can expect to see some exciting changes going live before Easter 2017.
“Our focus remains on supporting our reseller relationships and empowering them to deliver more value to their customers. We remain focused on selected brands and it appears that our customers recognise our value offering. In the recent Channelwise Awards, Syntech ranked significantly higher than any of its competitors in all areas relating to customer experience.”