Kathy Gibson reports from CeBit in Hannover – There is huge opportunity in enterprise communication in connecting people, things and processes.
These connections need to be pervasive, natural, on-demand and intelligent, says Simon Dai, chief technology officer: enterprise cloud communications are Huawei.
Huawei has developed a single cloud architecture that supports both private and public cloud, with open APIs.
“Plus we continue to develop more vertical market solutions in co-operation with our partners,” Dai says.
He points out that the Mobile World Congress recently endorsed Huawei technology by naming it the best technology enabler for NFV systems.
The company has also deployed public cloud services in China, while Deutsche Telekoms’ T-System is extending its cloud services in Europe.
It has also worked closely with partners to develop vertical market solution in IoT/big data, omni-channel services, and smart education among others.
Videoconferencing is a typically costly service that is difficult to deploy, but Huawei has developed its TE10 products that have the potential to make videoconferencing more affordable and accessible.
The company has also set up its Cloud VC in China to bring videoconferencing to a bigger market.
Huawei encourages partners to develop applications on its platforms, and provides eSDK, a developer zone, APIs and the MAR unified partner management process.
Worldwide, the company has 1 500 global channels for enterprise communication, five Open Labs – soon to be expanded to 12 – and innovation centres.
Herve Mangot, CEO of Saphelec, has worked with Huawei to develop a cloud-based videoconferencing solution in France.
Saphelec is a telecommunication reseller that specialises in last mile connectivity. It deals with more than 1 200 customers in France, working with fixed lines, mobile lines and virtual private networking.
“If I had to talk about the three advantages of Huawei, I would say they are the product, the product and the product,” says Mangot.
“We put Huawei servers into the cloud two years ago – and we have never rebooted them. Everything just works.”
Saphelec worked with Huawei to develop a videoconferencing service in the cloud. The resulting interface, Simplivideo, offers as its value proposition that anyone can organise a videoconference in three clicks.
“I think the cloud is a business enabler,” Mangot says. “I believe the only way to deliver a service quickly is to be in the cloud.”